Audio Issues (no music, random pop/clicks)

Problem description:
No audio, except random pops/clicks every 10-15 seconds, only when Equality is turned on. Turning it off makes music play as normal

Operating system:
Windows 10

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
Only seems to be happening with the latest Equalify version, been using it for years and have never had this issue before

Just tried downloading 1.4.3 from the website and NOT updating to the latest version, still having the same issue so it’s not exclusive to the latest update. The version is This issue only started happening a few days ago, Equalify was working fine previously. I’m not sure why, I have not made any changes to my computer recently. Any ideas?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just started having this issue this morning. Tried reinstalling Spotify and music sounded, then reinstalled and I don’t hear music anymore, just the pop’s and clicks.

Uninstalled Equalify and used EarTrumpet to change it to the wanted device, some extra steps but it works. Hopefully whatever is causing this issue is fixed soon :confused:

So with Equalify installed, but turned off, audio works fine?

@MrJDucky @Wilza any chance to get a recording of whats happening ?

Also what is your spotify version @MrJDucky?

Not sure the best way to record it and honestly not sure how much more it would tell you.

What I’ve been doing is;
Open Spotify > Open a playlist > Hit play > No sound.

I noticed though, When you change the output device via Equalify, sound ‘tries’ to play, if that makes sense.

Like, when you switch it to another output, you can hear sound for like half a second, if that. Other times it’ll play for about 1.5 seconds then stop and go back to the random pop/cracks.

Spotify version is:

Equalify was the latest and I tried opting into the Beta version and updated, still had the issue.

So with Equalify installed, but turned off, audio works fine?

Just tried this; yeah. Audio works fine when Equalify is off. Turning it on again makes the audio just completely stop.

Can you try to:

  • disable the limiter (settings->dsp)
  • go to %appdata%/equalify in the file explorer and rename the equalify2.eq file to equalify2.eq.bak

Try the top option first, then try the file after if it doesnt work.
Rename the file with Spotify fully closed.

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disable the limiter (settings->dsp)

No change.

go to %appdata%/equalify in the file explorer and rename the equalify2.eq file to equalify2.eq.bak

This has appeared to have fixed the issue. Audio is working and switching between Output devices works as intended.

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Sorry for hijacking this thread;
This solved it for me, had the same issue as mentioned above.

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Looks like something has corrupted your original config file then, any chance you can send it to me?

leo [at] equalify [dot] me

Sure, will send that over now :slight_smile:

Also just to be sure, everything works now with Equalify turned on, right ?

Cause the device changer will work even with the EQ turned off.

Yeah, Equalify is turned on.


Sent that file over for ya,

Thanks for the quick help with this!!

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Thank you for working with me as well !

You had me worried for a bit now. Was somewhat expecting this to be an issue that would affect many people and hard to fix… but seems like a simple enough fix phew.

I do not really see anything that screams at me in the config file either, but i’ll continue investigating!

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I loaded the old config-file without the presets, it plays audio now.
Trying to figure out what preset-setting breaks it.

Thanks for helping!

Feel free to send me the broken config file to the same email as above.
The more samples i have of the a file that does something wrong, the easier it will be to find the problem.

Think I’ve found something, as soon as I start with configuring the equalizer, sound gets distorted.