Audio Cracking randomly

Problem description:
Installed today, and since installing at random times the spotify audio with crackle for a split second.

Operating system:
CPU is i7-3770k overclocked to 4.2ghz

MSI-z77a-gd65 built in

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

If you add to the signal (i.e. boosting the bass) and you don’t use the gain/preamp in the top right corner you will probably get some crackle sounds.

If the audio is already mastered to “100% volume” and you add 6dB to it you will make the audio clip which will sound horrible. This is probably whats happening.A good rule is to lower the gain/preamp by the same amount you add to the bass band.

There are no other reasons for crackling noises that i know of.

Hello Notrace, I have left all settings as default just changed the audio device spotify uses.

If all you have done is change the output device, try turning the eq off (the on/off button in the eq toolbar)

Does it still have crackling noises when the eq is turned off ?
Also, is it all songs or just one ? Some of the tracks on spotify has noise in them in the original file…

I have turned EQ off and the issue does still occur, quite a static/crackle noise every now and again.
Occurs on all tracks.

If the crackling still occurs when the EQ is turned off, it’s not the EQ’s fault. When the EQ is off all audio is passed directly to the audio driver without any modification at all.

Do you hear the static/crackle on all your devices or just one?
Is it possible for you to record it?
Have you accidentally enabled some some of the built in windows sound enhancements?

Is your spotify set to the highest quality streaming?
And, have you disabled “Set the same volume level for all songs” in the spotify preferences?

I am using Voicemeeter Banana with some additional cables, and I have located the issue to a problem with the cable I am using. I will do some debugging and report back.