Audials One - Spotify crash with Equalify 1.1.7


My Spofity updated and since then the Windows Client crashed a soon as i start playing a Song. Only way to resolve the crash for me was uninstalling EQualify Pro.

My current Spotify Version:
My current EQualify Version: 1.1.7

Since i like EQualify a lot i would like to get a fix for this issue asap.

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Trying restarting your computer, then install Equalify if that doesn’t help @Notrace can help troubleshoot.

There shouldn’t be any issues with Spotify and Equalify 1.1.7.
Lots of people including me are running the same versions without issues.

Re-installing and rebooting should resolve the issue, like @DigidyDOG said. If not let me know and we can troubleshoot.

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Ok. So i did deinstall both and tried it. First thing which was strange: the Spotify would not uninstall clean by itself which means i needed to delete it by hand and clean the registry entrys with cccleaner to get it as clean as possible.

Uninstalling EQualify was no problem.

Even with reboots, reinstalls i still face the same issue: Spotify crashes as soon as i play a song with EQualify installed. Uninstalling Equalify would fix this problem every time.

What can i do now? i have no clue.

Only things that seem odd to me is Spotify uninstaller behave strange and another thing that changes during last days was the Win 10 creator update.

Please help :wink:

Could you try to go to %appdata%/Equalify and move equalify2.eq and equalify.dat to another folder, then restart Spotify with Equalify installed.


I installed EQualify again, same issue as known.

After removing qualify2.eq and equalify.dat i started Spotify and as soon as i hit play, i had to give account and password in to activate Equalify.
As soon as i accepted the data, a popup appears with Thank your for activating and after pressing OK to get rid of the notification, the client crashes/closes again as i am used to it.

Tried it multiple times but did not change in any way.

Any Solution?

What soundcard do you have ?
And what anti virus do you have.

And do you have any voicemeeter or virtual audio cable software installed ?

As far as i can tell most of the Equalify users has the latest Spotify version ( and only you and another person seems to have issues.

So lets see if we can find out what you have in common.

Lets first try setting your default playback device back to your regular speaker output (if its been changed).
(right click the speaker icon in the lower right corner, select playback devices and select speakers or something similar and hit ok)

Switching to regular speaker did not work or change something, also i did use headphones before so not much of a difference.

I use virtual audio cable software and i used to redirect spotify with it. It also worked before.

I have Panda Free Antivirus.

I use onboard-Sound from a MSI Z170A PC MATE (MS-7971) with Realtek HD Audio Drivers

And i have Audials One installed but i use it rarely.

From the screenshots from the other person that has crashing issues, it looks like he also has Audials installed.

If you rarely use it could you try uninstalling it and see if that changes anything ?

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Ok. I uninstalled Audials One and it worked right away, i did not even need to reboot.

Also Spotify/Equalify work again together with audio-cable as it used to be.

Nothing else needed to be changed to run it again.

well guess thats the program then, ill give it a try too

Well, i did not run the newest Version of Audials One since i did not see any reason to buy/upgrade it with my low usage atm.

Ty for troubleshooting with me, appreciate the support a lot !

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Yep, Fixed my issue also,

New program for the list of conflictions

Audials One

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Strange that it started having issues now. I’ve never heard of Audials One causing issues before.

Sometimes computers work in mysterious ways.

Glad we figured out what program caused the issues, until i can find a way around it i’ll just have to add Audials One to the incompatible list.