Asus Essence Soundcard keeping equalify from loading

I have Installed Equalify on a clean spotify installation, but it does not load at playing a song and it stays silent.
here is how I installed it:
in the description are timestamps to navigate.

Issue found, see below.

As by now I read thru the Incompatible hardware and software Tread I found my issue:

Asus Essence * Soundcards
Does not seem to work with Equalify pro.

Therefore reason found.

EDIT: Can be closed.
i did overlook the entry above linking to a general problem fix with these cards
this solved the problem and equalify loaded fine.

Soundcard ASUS Essence STX II with UNi-Xonar Drivers
I’m sorry for being bad at reading a single thread

I’m sorry for having missed your initial post.
I remember reading it and i thought i had replied…

I’ve been very busy this holiday season with other things, but that’s no excuse.

I’m glad you found the solution though!

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