[already implemented] Easy way to set Q


#Sliders for Q

Whats about an easier way to change the Q of a filter?
Until now it is quite laborious to change the Q, you have to Right-Click and type in a Number.

###Easy Way
Would it be possible to make a slider for that?
E.g. when you click on a specific filter it will get marked and a slider appears, to easily set the Q.
A nice thing to have would be that this feature gives you a live preview of what the filter will look like.



Try right-clicking a filter and dragging the mouse to the left or right to change the Q.
It will update it live so you can see how it will look, for fine tuning once you get it roughly how you want you can use the input box :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the fast response!
Maybe you should mention this in the “Startup Guide” shown when there are no filters.