Already activated on another PC

I just recently upgraded to Win10 and I’ve already tried to reactivate mine but where do I put the downloaded .dat file for it to recognise?

Please see this post to reactivate after upgrading:

You should also, while you are logged in to the members area, download the latest Equalify Pro update - v1.1.1.

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But all I have is ‘Generate Key Manually’ and it doesn’t give me a key or let me download the .dat file.

You are not supposed to generate a key manually unless explicitly asked to do it by the Equalify pro client or the support staff.

From the website:

The manual key generation is only a backup for people that can not connect to the key server via the Equalify Pro client!
Only use this if you have been instructed to!

The Equalify Pro client will automatically activate and download the key when you log in through the client.

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