After refund Equalify shows up in Spotify - Can I purchase again?

Dear Equalifyers,

Yesterday you kindly refunded my purchase of Equalify after we tried to let it work on my MSI-laptop and Spotify account. Despite all your suggested actions and restarting the computer etc. nothing worked and I did’nt see an Equalify icon or was requested for my password etc.
That’s why you decided to refund.

To my surpise this morning when I started playing music on Spotify I was suddenly asked for my Equalify username and password. GRRRRR
But now it didn’t work of course because my license was ended.

I tried to purchase again but got the message that I already purchased Equalify and had to write to this email adress for contact.

So do you know what I have to do to purchase Equalify again?

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Haha, thats amazing…

You should be able to re-purchase now. Accounts that has had refunds are automatically flagged to make sure they dont re-purchase.

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