Add-on wont show up


Today i set up my new system, so I had to install a new Windows version.
Now I´m using Windows 10 (wuhu… -.-)
So I had to download a new Spotify-Version.
The thing is, Equalify wont show up, not at Windows start, not after restart - never

Operating system:
windows 10

Native Instruments Audio 2
Logitech G35 Gaming
Soundblaster Recon3Di
Aukey USB-Soundcard

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Just a fresh Windows, nothing should complicate


I´m using my phone now to hear music. I controlled it about my Windows PC, but suddenly the equalfy login Window, showed up.

After typing my data in, my login was incorrect. (Dont know if it was my fault, or just my license is inactiv or in use or something like that)
After that the windows didnt´t show up again.

Is there a way to open it again?



The Equalify icon (or the login dialog) should show up as soon as you start Spotify and play a track.
You can not use Spotify connect to play music elsewhere.

Remember to restart Spotify properly, hitting the X in the corner might not always close Spotify but hide/minimize it instead. (file->exit is the only sure way to restart spotify)

You said you set up a new system, what is new on it other than windows10 ?
If you use the NA2 soundcard as your system default that will most likely be a problem. The other soundcards should work,

If you type in the wrong user/pass you can just retry as many times as you please. There is a password reset link on the website if you forgot your password (but you are logged in here so looks like you got that covered) and at the bottom of the members area on the website you can deactivate your old activation key to allow your new machine to be activated.

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Yeah…The old Key wasnt deactivated and i had to delete it first…

Thats a thing I could get by myself…anyway thanks for your help!

NA2 is working very fine with your plugin and spotify… but only on one Channel (logic)

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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