Account activation email no recieved

Problem description:
I have had to create two accounts as my first account activation e mail did not come through after waiting 30 mins.

I would like to purchase a license but i would like to do so on the account that has not been activated yet due to no e mail being received.

Can this be looked into? username for other account is Olympos

Operating system:
windows 7


I’ve checked the logs and the email was sent successfully within a minute of the registration.
Are you sure you entered the correct email address ?

And have you checked your spam folder, there is a possibility it might have ended up there although i haven’t heard of that being an issue from others.

i’ve re-sent the original email as well. Please let me know if you get it working or not :slight_smile:

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Thank you for looking into this.

I was monitoring my inbox and junk / spam box and nothing came through :S. I tried to set up an account again using the same e mail to make sure that i typed it correct and it said email had already been used.

From the email account i set up this account with i got the email address used for the activation e mails and added it to my whitelist on the account i wanted to use but this did not help. However i have received the email that you have resent so thank you for doing that :slight_smile:

I have now logged into my original account and its all working :).

As i only made this account to get in touch with support you may want to free up the username as i will not be using it.

Thanks for your help on this :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Liam Kilroy


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