"A monitor program has been found" message

On startup, at the moment, I get the “A monitor program has been found running in your system” message. I’ve gotten this periodically in the past, and eventually end up rebooting just so I can listen to music again.

I’m getting tired of having to do that, though, and I’d like to actually fix the problem. But… I don’t know how. There’s nothing running on my system that could even vaguely classify as a monitoring program. Is there a log or something from which I can find out which thing Equalify doesn’t like? Alternately, I could send you a complete process list…

I also saw a note elsewhere in these forums that said “we use the same protection as Spotify, so if Equalify doesn’t work, Spotify wouldn’t either”, but this is most definitely wrong. If I uninstall Equalify, Spotify will load and play fine (just through the wrong sound card). So y’all are definitely doing something different…

If you download the latest version of equalify from the website i think you wont have that issue anymore.
If i remember right that particular option was removed.

This could be caused by debuggers, development tools, file monitor tools, tools that inject things to the process and also if you have been infected with malware.

I do not have a list myself of what apps arent permitted but if you can send me a complete list when you get the message the first time after a reboot i can look at it and see if i can identify something.

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