0 activations left. FeelsBadMan

I only ever activated it on one computer, as far as I can remember anyway. That computer is now in the garbage. I’ve upgraded to a monster PC. Went to activate my qualify pro on the new PC, and whacked with a message that it wouldn’t do it. logged into website, and it says the 10 GBP license gives 3 activations. But when I went to members area, it says I have 0 activations left. WeirdChamp. I assume that I bought my license a long time ago, and that at that long-ago time, the 10 GBP price gave only a single activation. So now I’m gonna have to pay 20 GBP just to get what would be basically two activations, and yet, the 15 GBP “top tier” price would have given me 15 machines. FeelsBadMan.

Hey there, take a look at this post:

Every OS re-install or hardware change can trigger the system to request a new license.

You can disable the keys you do not use on the members page and they will be available for you again to activate on another machine.

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