Ideas/New Features

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The ultimate sonic sound EQ with no muffle (3)
Import/Export option for custom made equaliser presets (7)
More low freq (1)
Sharing Custom Presets (14)
Add Pitch/Tempo Changer (1)
Other VST Support? Expanding support for other programs? (2)
Being able to turn of limiter (3)
Add another way to zoom for people without a scrollwheel (2)
Equalizer scrolling (9)
Preset view (2)
Spotify Windows Store version support (13)
Keyboard volume keys for Spotify (4)
Jplay ASIO + Audiophile Optimizer (8)
[implemented] Allow Higher Q (4)
Suggestion: "Geezer Setting" (2)
EQualify for Windows 10 App (2)
Select Channel (4)
[Implemented] Native 4k Display Support / Text Scaling (4)
Make Equalify installer and settings accessible to screen readers (11)
[Not Planned] Requesting EQualify Pro for MAC (5)
[implemented] Toggle off/on frequency bars (5)
[Implemented] Make use of the delete button (2)
Name Licenses (2)
Equalify for the entire Windows (8)
CUSTOM ANALYZER? Visualizer Flexibility is key boys! (11)
Bring back visualizers (12)
[implemented] Other ways to adjust frequencies and level? (9)
Device Toggle Button (3)
[already implemented] Easy way to set Q (5)