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More low freq (1)
Sharing Custom Presets (14)
Add Pitch/Tempo Changer (1)
Import/Export option for custom made equaliser presets (4)
Other VST Support? Expanding support for other programs? (2)
Being able to turn of limiter (3)
Add another way to zoom for people without a scrollwheel (2)
Equalizer scrolling (9)
Preset view (2)
Spotify Windows Store version support (13)
Keyboard volume keys for Spotify (4)
Jplay ASIO + Audiophile Optimizer (8)
[implemented] Allow Higher Q (4)
Suggestion: "Geezer Setting" (2)
EQualify for Windows 10 App (2)
Select Channel (4)
[Implemented] Native 4k Display Support / Text Scaling (4)
Make Equalify installer and settings accessible to screen readers (11)
[Not Planned] Requesting EQualify Pro for MAC (5)
[implemented] Toggle off/on frequency bars (5)
[Implemented] Make use of the delete button (2)
Name Licenses (2)
Equalify for the entire Windows (8)
CUSTOM ANALYZER? Visualizer Flexibility is key boys! (11)
Bring back visualizers (12)
[implemented] Other ways to adjust frequencies and level? (9)
Device Toggle Button (3)
[already implemented] Easy way to set Q (5)
Add Linux Ubuntu/Mint support (4)